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The Curriculum

  • A full 8-module curriculum developed by the sales faculty at Western Michigan University is available to all schools

  • Curriculum elements include video lectures, handouts, written support in “newsletter” style and example videos

  • Curriculum is free of charge and available to all equally

  • The competition judging will be based on the best practices and techniques covered in the curriculum

  • Curriculum is college level, re-crafted to be high school appropriate so it will be both challenging but doable for your students!

The Sales Faculty

Bob Samples.jpg
Bob Samples
Dr. Kelley O'Reilly
Dr. Jim Eckert
Mary Nielson.jpg
Mary Nielsen

The Modules


The Sales Challenge web page is a work in progress - please stop back often to see the new updates & added resources!

Sales & Business Marketing Program

Haworth College of Business

Western Michigan University

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