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PHONE CALL & sales call EVENT PAGe

Just Like Real Life!

Obtain an Appointment (Round #1)

And have that sales meeting (round #2)


  • Mimics a set of real interactions: MAKE A PHONE CALL TO GAIN AN APPOINTMENT and then MEET WITH THE CUSTOMER TO GAIN A SALE. 

  • You, representing Crystal Mountain Resort will be calling upon an executive board member of the Michigan Marketing Educators (MME) organization to potentially sell them on having their next meeting at Crystal Mountain Resort. 

  • ROUND #1 is an appointment setting phone call and the CHAMPIONSHIP are LIVE sales calls via Zoom.

  • Judging will be based on the curriculum distributed by the Sales Faculty at Western Michigan University.


ROUND #1: Appointment Setting Call

Appointment Calls will occur on January 17-18-19, 2024.
Each student will sign-up for a 15-minute time slot and make an appointment setting call to secure an appointment with the MME representative. After your role-play call, stay on the line and receive immediate feedback! 
Basic Rules

  • The call should occur on time and the actual role-played call will generally 4-7 minutes (remaining time for feedback!). 

  • Up to 12 students per school are allowed to sign-up (this is an honor system!). 

  • Winners will be announced on the competition website.

  • For EXAMPLE PHONE CALLS and other learning resources, visit MODULE #3: Securing Meetings within the curriculum section of this site.

Appt Call Sign-Up




Sign-Up Closed for this Year's Event 

  1. Use the link below to sign-up for a 20-minute time slot 

  2. Use the resources from this page & Module #3 to get ready to compete!

  3. At your selected time, connect with your buyer and use what you have learned to gain an appointment. 

  4. Receive immediate feedback from your buyer!

  5. Top performers will be selected for the championship round!


The sign-up allows up to three students to sign-up for a single time slot thus it should be easy to select a workable time slot.

This makes a great call easy to plan!


This will be an in-person event hosted in the Robert S. Kaiser Sales, Negotiation & Leadership Lab within the Haworth College of Business on the campus of Western Michigan University

Sales Call Info

This makes a great call easy to plan!

2021 WMU Sales Challenge Sales Call Championship Winner

START HERE and see what a top-tier performance looks like.  Use the curriculum and the resources and craft & deliver your winning call!

Sydney Runyon - Walled Lake Western


Wondering what a sales call using the curriculum looks and sounds like?
WMU students Ryan Demas (CMR Salesperson) and Nicole Deford (MME Representative) offer you this example.

NOTE: These examples are from when the event was remote. For the 2024 Event, students will be role-playing live in our Robert S. Kaiser Sales Lab

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