Put your best foot forward and pitch us why you're the best fit! Bring your energy and enthusiasm and have fun.

Put your best foot forward and pitch us why you're the best fit! Bring your energy and enthusiasm and have fun.

Two Opportunities: Submit a video for round #1 and if selected, come to campus and pitch us in person!

Personal Pitch Basics:

  • 90 seconds maximum

  • Sell yourself as a person worthy of an interview with Crystal Mountain Resort for a customer facing position  such as server, a ski rental assistant, or the front desk at the fitness center (most positions at CMR face the customer!). 

  • That’s it…. Be creative and professional and deliver it like a champion!


The eRound
Submit a 90 second video version. Just you, speaking to the camera. No rules related to content besides be professional and be UNDER 90 SECONDS!

  • Video file format most conform to competition rules (link to these rules coming soon)

  • Drop to submission box no later than 2pm on December 13th. 

  • Up to 8 students per school are allowed to submit. 

  • Judges will review and winners will be announced by the end of the day on December 19th via the competition web-site.

Personal Pitch Cover Photo.jpg

Personal Pitch Coaching Video

The On Campus Event
Up to 48 students will earn a spot for the on-campus round. The PROMPT is exactly the same: why are you worthy of an interview for a customer facing position at Crystal Mountain Resort. 
Your personal pitch will be delivered in-person to WMU Sales & Business Marketing students acting as judges. You will not be interrupted, however the person will /respond answer naturally if you engage them with a question or such. This will apply to all three rounds.

  • Round #1: You will repeat 5 times, each time to a different judge. Top 4 people in each group (maximum of 12 in group) move on.

  • Sweet Sixteen: you will repeat 3 times, each time to a different judge. Top person in group of 4 will move on.

  • Championship: you will deliver once to a set of judges. Four championship round people will get ranked by judges for final places


The links below will allow you to submit your Personal Pitch video.  You should follow a 2-step process

(This 2-step process is needed because video files are too large for standard submissions).


FIRST: Complete the form with your NAME, HIGH SCHOOL, and EMAIL - hit SUBMIT 

SECOND: click on the "Upload your Personal Pitch Video" button and follow the instructions to submit directly to the competition Dropbox


Video File MUST be a MP4 file

and the FILE NAME MUST be your first & last name