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See the home page of the event for the
2024 Round 1 Winners!

Personal Pitch Basics:

  • 90 seconds maximum

  • Sell yourself as a person worthy of an interview with Crystal Mountain Resort for a customer-facing position such as server, a ski rental assistant, or the front desk at the fitness center (most positions at CMR face the customer!). 

  • That’s it…. Be creative and professional and deliver it like a champion!


The Video Round:

Video Submission Deadline: Monday, December 4, 2023
Submit a 90 second video. Just you, speaking to the camera. Sell yourself, be professional and be UNDER 90 SECONDS!

  • Video file format must conform to competition rules (see submission link)

  • Up to 12 students per school are allowed to submit. 

  • Judges will review and winners will be announced via the competition website.

Personal Pitch Coaching Video

Personal Pitch Cover Photo.jpg

How to be effective "in the box!"

Screenshot (356).png


BEST PRACTICE: Watch the video at 1.5x speed. This is the best speed for focussing on the lessons from the video


Up to 64 students will earn a spot for the Championship round and compete LIVE on WMU's Campus on Friday, February 10, 2023.

The PROMPT is exactly the same: why are you worthy of an interview for a customer-facing position at Crystal Mountain Resort. 

  • Round #1: all 64 students compete and the top 16 move on!

  • Sweet Sixteen: Four groups of four students will compete with the winner of each group moving on to the Championship

  • Championship: you will deliver once to a set of judges. Four championship round people will get ranked by judges for final places

Pesonal Pitch Video Upload

Personal Pitch video submission 


1.  Limit is 12 submissions per school

2.  Submissions must be uploaded no later than 11 pm on Monday, December 4, 2023

3.  File MUST be either an MP4 or a MOV file

4. 90-second limit is a HARD limit!

5.  Please make the file name: First-Last-School
e.g. nicole-deford-wmu
Please just use simplest identifier of your school.

Thus, Battle Creek Central could simply be "BCC"

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