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MODULE #3 - securing meetings

Every time you pick up the phone you are getting closer to a yes

Alex Edson

Handouts for Lecture

Lecture File in PPT

Video Lecture

onSelling for Module 3

onSelling for Module 3

Example Phone Call #1   This is a good call

Example Phone Call #2   This is a good call

For both calls above, the "buyer" goes thru all 3 objections and thus the calls are a bit longer than what would be expected. For the competition, students will only receive two of the three. You just don't know which two! 

Example Phone Call #3   This is a BAD call

BAD example phone call - Bad Salesperson
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Phone Call Coaching Video

This is a review of the BAD call and how to be better!

This is a good resource to read before (and during) listening to the calls. It is the flow chart that directs you through a strong call

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