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The Competition BIG picture

  • Realistic selling activities to create an event worth competing in!

  • A fun and fair competition where the focus is on development and learning

  • Each competitor will receive coaching and feedback to enhance learning

  • No registration cost, free curriculum, and great prizes!

  • A great university-style experience for all your students 



2 Rounds:

Video Round

Championship Round

Personal Pitch Basics:

  • 90 seconds maximum

  • Sell yourself as a person worthy of an interview with Crystal Mountain Resort for a customer facing position  such as server, a ski rental assistant, or the front desk at the fitness center (most positions at CMR face the customer!). 

  • Use your experiences at school, in sports, with volunteer organizations, or jobs you have had to help you make your case!

  • That’s it…. Be creative and professional and deliver it like a champion!




2 Rounds:

Phone Call

Championship Round

Sales Role-Play Basics

  • Mimics a set of real interactions (phone calls & meetings!)

  • You, representing Crystal Mountain Resort will be calling upon an executive board member of the Michigan Marketing Educators (MME) organization to potentially sell them on having their next meeting at Crystal Mountain Resort. 

  • Round #1 is an appointment setting phone call made to a WMU student playing the role of the MME rep.

  • The Championship Round involves making a full sales call where you understand, connect, and close.  

  • Judging will be based on the curriculum distributed by the Sales Faculty at Western Michigan University.


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